Brunchin On A Budget

Happy Sunday y’all!!! I wanted to share some of my favorite brunch spots around Queen City for everyone on different budgets. I know brunch can get hella expensive at times especially when you add alcohol to the mix (lol thanks to the brunch bill that recently passed) haha!!! So, I know I still have alot to try out around town, but these are definitely fantastic, delicious meals that I’ve experienced. Here are my brunch picks:

1. Breakfast Bowl at Dish for $6.00

First up, I chose Dish because this spot reminds me a lot of back home in Alabama where cooking breakfast on the weekends was a must in our household. Down home great southern cookin on the cheap is what you can find for brunch on the weekends at Dish. This breakfast bowl is $6.00 and takes the crown for the cheapest brunch I’ve had so far. It comes with Grits, 2 eggs, cheddar cheese, and a biscuit, and for a dollar extra you can add bacon or sausage. Also, they have a soysage option which is fantastic as well. You would never know its not real sausage. Super filling meal and you walk outta there…..OR WADDLE with a smile!


2. Southern Style Breakfast Sandwich at Noda Bodega for $5.50

Okay, so if you have been following my instagram since day 1, y’all damn well know I’m a HUGE fan of the Noda Bodega, the best Noda neghborhood spot for sammies and everything they serve as a matter of fact. Especially their brunch on the weekends, OMG!!! The Bodega is my Saturday morning ritual spot where I catch up with my friends over the best breakfast sammich ever. This is the Southern Style sandwich. It comes on a southern style buttermilk biscuit (but I put mine on sourdough toasted bread), choice of egg, meat, and pimento cheese. I HIGHLY recommend the jalapeno bacon and a fried runny egg. Y’all will thank me later. Also, you have to get the cheese grits. They are life changing!!! And being from Alabama, these are some of the best grits and are up there with my momma’s so that says a lot. Very chill spot with great tunes and such a casual vibe. Also, go say hey to Bryan! He’s the man behind all of this yummy-licious food!


3. Chicken + Waffles from The Asbury $14.00

The Asbury is a combination of modern sophistication and classic southern dishes. Matthew Krenz is such an amazing and talented Executive Chef and by far my top 5 restaurants in Charlotte. I know there are many variations of Chicken and Waffles because brunch is such a huge trend these days, and this dish is by far one of society’s favorites on any menu. I love this rendition of his take on Chicken + Waffles because it has sorghum molasses and braised greens. You don’t see this very often and it is perfectly executed from the flavors of salty and sweet. From the saltiness of the fried chicken to the sweet notes of the molasses. Definitely worth every penny for this brunch dish!


4. Cali Benny from the Famous Toastery $10.99

Eggs Benny anyway anytime is my jam. It’s like you get the best of all worlds when you can’t decide if you want a sandwich, or eggs, or potatoes. This Cali Benny screams brunch in my opinion. It is layered with an english muffin, avocado, tomato, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce with a side of home fries. They have multiple locations throughout the city. I always stop in at the Dilworth location and get my brunch on. Everything I’ve had on the menu is really delicious and not too too pricey.


I hope this blog post helps y’all if you want a great brunch in the city but won’t break the bank. Here I have listed some more of my favorite brunch spots that I really love too!

Bistro la Bon


Tupelo Honey

Terrace Cafe

Little Spoon Eatery

Cafe Monte

Broken Spoke