The Table is Set: A Four-City Tour Served with a Coke

Cooking with “Seoul”! See what I did there?!? A lot of y’all may know me from reviewing restaurants, dining out, covering events, but fun fact…. when I’m not stuffing my pie hole at a new restaurant or attending a media event, I’m probably cooking a delicious meal at home. So, when I had the opportunity to partner up with a non profit called Soul Food Sessions and Coca Cola Consolidated to recreate a recipe, how could I say no!!!


Well, a Charlotte based movement called “Soul Food Sessions” is a chef series that is taking their mission in the culinary industry to increase diversity on the road. And they are partnering with Coca Cola Consolidated and beginning in Charlotte, as their first stop on this four city dinner series. This non profit started in Charlotte as a single dinner and with growing interest, it has now grown into a multiple city tour. Next stops will be in Washington, Baltimore, and then Charleston later this year. Soul Food Sessions is committed to increasing opportunities nationally for minority chefs throughout the food industry, giving more culinary opportunities for African-American chefs. I got really excited that I was getting to partner up on this campaign because I recently met one of the co founders while I was on a culinary media tour, Chef Greg Collier, owner and chef of The Yolk Cafe. We spoke briefly about this mission and how they want to use this non profit to raise money and mentor minority culinary students. Soul Food Sessions is leading the conversation of achieving equal opportunity in the culinary world and y’all just wait…. they are leaving their mark in the Queen City and growing nationally as we speak. Soul Food Sessions and their partner Coca Cola Consolidated will grant at least $10,000 in scholarships to culinary students in 2018.


I got to recreate, Seared Scallops with Purple Carrot Chutney. This recipe was created by Chef Greg Williams, the man behind one of my favorite food trucks, What The Fries CLT. This featured chef is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University who has spent over 15 years creating meals for people and making their tummies super happy! And he just added myself to that list of people! This dish is fantastical! You can view the full recipe here



Seared Scallops with Purple Carrot Chutney


(I followed the whole recipe as stated, but I added bacon, lol! I mean why the hell not?!?)

If you have an hour of time and want to cook for a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, whomever, I highly recommend this dish. It is delicious and even tastier pairing it with the Coca Cola Zero Sugar Coke!!! The Coca Cola Zero Sugar brings out the richness of the scallops making the ginger and garlic flavors in the chutney really pronounced. And if you don’t cook or have that feeling like you would burn your kitchen down trying, then head to the link below where your seat is waiting. Claim your seat at the table by signing Soul Food Sessions pledge and find out how you can start making a difference today and help contribute to this awesome movement. Click here to purchase tickets.

The event will be held:

Location: Free Range Brewing

Date: Tuesday, June 19th

How to purchase tickets: Soul Food Sessions Charlotte Pop-Up Dinner



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