Look Ma! I’m on the news!!!

Look Ma! I’m on the news!!! Well, I am still so humbled by the fact that I was on the news with 2 of my favorite people in Charlotte by my side. Lorri and Brandon, the founders of Prosocialites, gave me an incredible honor to be this month’s Woman Crush Wednesday for the month of February. If y’all don’t already know what Prosocialites is or what they are about and their mission, well you are missing out. Prosocialites is an organization where their mission is anchored in becoming a vessel of doing good for others. They are bringing different and unique events to Charlotte that no one has created before. I remember what Brandon had said in the interview on the news, ” There’s more than just the PARTY SCENE” And YES THERE IS!!! Their events are great for networking, mingling, and just having fun meeting others especially if you are new to the city like I am. I love their creativity and hustle that they exude every damn day! If it wasn’t for one of their first WCW events, I would have never met these two.

Woman Crush Wednesday event is a monthly event honoring a prominent woman in Charlotte doing great things. I am beyond floored that I got chosen as I am a foodie and fashion blogger. In my interview, I stated that my goal is that I want to bring the best food and fashion to Charlotte. And by golly, I am going to achieve that. Even if it takes me running more miles and doing more cardio everyday, LOL just to eat the food I want and to look cute in my outfits I style. This month the event is going to be held at Fidelli’s Kitchen in South End.

Okay, so being on Good Day Charlotte, was super nerve racking. OMG!!! Like here is how it went down. You wait in the break room, they come and get you, they mic you up, and you sit and do yo thang…. then you’re dunzo! I couldn’t believe how fast the segments go. I cannot tell y’all how nervous I was. When they put that mic on you, shit gets real. Like no joke. There are 3 huge ginormous cameras staring into your soul or at least that’s how I felt at that moment. Good thing Jason Harper made me feel comfortable and just rolled with it when he asked me questions. Jason Harper actually is a newbie to Charlotte as well. He is a character and really great at what he does. So, welcome to Queen City Jason!!! Lorri and Brandon spoke about WCW, what Prosocialites is about, and other upcoming events they have. In and out of the news station in less than 20 minutes. The longest part was when we were all snapping a shit ton of pictures atferwards. HAHAHA! Gotta have pictures and memories of these wonderful opportunites. Life is short, you never know if another opportunity like this will ever arise in the future.

 So, in conclusion, super fun morning with Prosocialites on Good Day Charlotte, Fox News,  and cannot wait until this Wednesday! I hope to see and meet a lot of y’all and finally put instagram names to faces! Please come out Wednesday, February 15th at Fidelli KItchen in South End from 6-9pm!!! Would love to meet y’all if I already haven’t. Also, find out how my social media and blog “sweet seoul in charlotte” was born and much much more!!!

Woman Crush Wednesday Event details:

February, 15th  6pm-9pm

Fidelli Kitchen

1616 Camden Rd. #100     Charlotte, NC 28203    704.594.8000

Road Trippin to Asheville



ROAD TRIPPIN TO ASHEVILLE: So, December 8th was my fiance’s birthday and we wanted to take a roadie for the day to eat our hearts out and explore the city. I literally haven’t been to Asheville since like circa 2008, so ALOT has changed since. The city is still as beautiful as I remember it. Right when we got into the city our first stop on my list was Biscuithead. This breakfast was out of this world fantastic. From the nice peeps we met, to the service and the food, ALL were outstanding and I give this place 2 thumbs up. We started out with maple sriracha sausage, peach bacon, and smoked grits. Next, we had this amazing mimosa fried chicken biscuit. The highlight was ALL of it and also there was a homemade jam jelly bar. SAY WHAAAAAATTTT!!! Yeah, true story…. There were so many options I couldn’t chose a favorite. Loved them all. 2nd stop on my list was 12 Bones Smokehouse. I mean come on, being from Alabama, you GOTTA have bbq on a trip and I heard 12 Bones was the place to get the best! So, what better way to get my piggy fix on than getting Ribs smothered in a blueberry chipotle sauce, pickled okra, and some mac n cheese. Yep, I knew right when we walked in it was going to be amazing…. some of the best ribs I’ve had hands down in my whole entire life. Normally, at lunch time there is a line out the door, like 30 people deep….no joke…I’m still dreaming about those fall of the bone smokalicious st. louis ribs. Definitely a must if y’all head to Asheville. 3rd and final stop for the birthday boy’s dinner, was Korean House. Save the best for last…..I needed Korean BBQ  before the ride home. Of course I got my faves, the bulgogi, dumplings, and all the little dishes. Bulgogi is probably the most well known of Korean dishes and it was sooooooo good. So flavorful and cooked to perfection. It’s great because you get lettuce so you have the option to make bulgogi lettuce wraps with pickled daikon and other great veggies and kimchi. A Korean meal staple. Charlotte definitely needs a great Korean food joint, like not americanized, but an authentic Korean bbq spot. Living in NYC, there were sooooo many options, like there literally was a street called Korea Way that had the best of the best korean bbq spots in the city. Anywho, we had an amazing time and what a great way to end the night before our drive home.


Biscuithead    417 Biltmore Ave #4F    Asheville, NC

12 Bones Smokehouse    5 Riverside Drive   Asheville, NC

Korean House    122 College Street    Asheville, NC