Coffee Drive-Thru Say What?!?!

Cuplux Drive Thru

Coffee is good…..but DRIVE THRU coffee shops are better! And especially when their logo color is my favorite… PURPLE!!! I’m so excited about the NEW coffee spot off of Freedom Drive, called Cuplux. This family owned business recently opened on June 26th and is Charlotte’s first drive thru only coffee shop. Not only do they serve coffee, they have espresso soda mocktails, nitro cold brew on draft, hand pies, and small treats. Their goal is to provide the best drive thru coffee possible. “We focus on quality and service in order to provide an awesome patron experience”, Ian stated.  This establishment is family owned by Ian Kolb, his brother, and his father. They are partners and started this first location in the city. Cuplux is also involved with Trees Charlotte, which is a non-profit organization to planting and preserving trees. I met with Ian, the owner and he gave me the rundown on how this place started up, his background and the drive behind his business plan coming to life. My highlights of the day were sampling everything on the menu, and I got to pull some shots! Super fun filled morning and needless to say I DEFINITELY got my coffee fix in! LOL! Left outta there bouncing off the walls, ha!

Cuplux uses Stumptown Coffee Roasters for all of their options they offer such as house blend, espresso, and decaf. What I think is super cool about this coffee shop is that they highlight a guest roaster exclusively in the Carolinas quarterly. So, currently, I got the pleasure of trying out the cold brew from Enderly Coffee Co. and their coffee is awesome! I love how Ian really focuses on supporting local. Even their milk they utilize on the daily is from North Carolina cows!

 Iced Caramel Latte

Time to get my DRANK on!!! So, it’s super rare for me to love everything I try at one particular place…. literally every drink Ian made was outstanding. Like not even kidding… From the iced caramel lattes to the espresso cherry soda mocktails, I loved them all! And not only is the coffee amazing, but Ian makes the caramel in house and all of their syrups are made right there too! So, you know you are getting quality ingredients made by quality people.


Lenny Boy Kombucha

Y’all if you need your coffee fix, make a pit stop in to Cuplux and try this place out! It’s so convenient and well worth stopping by. I am a customer for life!!!


Cuplux      3115 Freedom Drive     Charlotte, NC 28208