Crazy For Cookies

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Soooooo backtracking to JUNE of 2016…. a cool ass chick named Mary Kate reached out to me via instagram inviting me out to a lil house in Rock Hill, SC called Hey Sugar Shop. I had just started the whole blog thing and was super stoked someone had called me! My fiance and I woke up early on a Saturday mornin and headed on out to South Carolina. It may sound far because we crossed a state line but it was hella worth the nice drive out to see what Hey Sugar Shop was all about. When we walked up to this cute lil house, I could just smell the amazing aromas of cookies and sweets. And walking in and meeting the owner behind all of this “SMITTEN” madness, I knew I was in for a treat (no pun intended).

When we walked in her shop, we were greeted by Mary Kate and all of her delicious smelling cookies, cake truffles, and pies. She took us on a mini tour and showed us her party room for kids to have parties and get togethers in and showed us around the shop. After chatting it up for a couple hours, we left with some amazing goodies….like A LOT of shit…..good shit that is. Like bags full!!! I kid you not we had 50 cake truffles, cookies, strawberry stacked cake, some Smitten gear, and samples of palmetto pie. As we headed home I felt like I had known Mary Kate for years. Such a cool ass chick that knows her shit about some sweets!!!

So a few months pass and I LOVE her custom cookies that she posts for her clients. I wanted to surprise my fiance with some custom made cookies that I had in mind and I started planning with Mary Kate. He loves Marvel and DC comics so I gave her my vision and she brought it to life. In the end, she went above and beyond any expectations I had…..Hell, she even made us our OWN one of a kind comic book cover. MANA AMORE. Here are some pictures of her fantastic creative work.

Not only does Hey Sugar Shop offer cookies, custom cookies, and pies, but also she creates these Cake Truffles. And OMG, be ready to devour a whole damn bag, they are the best cake truffles I have ever had!!! So good, she will be making quite a few for my wedding next year! She has some amazing cake truffle flavors such as Oreo, Snickers, Lemon Cheesecake, Old Fashioned Apple Pie, Brownie Cheesecake, I could go on forever. Her flavors change so make sure and follow her Instagram page to check out what she has for the day. But needless to say, ALL of them are delicious!!! But I will say, my favorite flavor would definitely be Old Fashioned Apple Pie. There’s just something nostalgic about that apple pie flavor I’ve loved ever since I was a kid.

Fun fact about me for those of you who don’t know, I love playing Pokemon! As my whole family does too and especially my future sister in law and my future mother in law. So, for my birthday, they know how much I love Hey Sugar Shop, and they surprised me with custom made Pokemon cookies!!! Again, another order that turned out perfect!!! BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER!!!

Overall, Hey Sugar Shop is my favorite for custom cookies and cake truffles. Not only does it help that the owner is awesome, but you can tell the quality of ingredients and all of the love that goes along with making her biz a success. It’s truly an awesome passion that Mary Kate has for her business. If you need custom cookies or any services for parties, events, weddings, etc, don’t hesitate to reach out to Mary Kate. Trust me one bite and you will be “SMITTEN”

Hey Sugar Shop     1121 Charlotte Ave    Rock Hill, SC