Wraps, Flatbreads, Salads, Oh My!!!

HEALTHY…FRESH…NUTRITIOUS…YUMMY…LOCAL…. These are just a few words that come into mind when thinking about Crunch Bistro, a Charlotte based local owned restaurant started by the Nussbaum family. Crunch Bistro offers hand crafted made to order salads, quinoa bowls, wraps, acai bowls, flatbreads and homemade soups! This establishment began at a kiosk (believe it or not) in Southpark Mall in 2011. After having a huge demand and growing popularity for their products, Crunch Bistro opened its first restaurant off of Rea Road and opened its second location in Uptown, Charlotte in 2017. Their menu includes over 40 fresh, NEVER FROZEN, ingredients allowing you to stay true to your nutritional goals but also leaving you with the feeling of being fulfilled. And from personal experience, you will definitely leave with your tummy satisfied. They focus on offering chef inspired meals at a super affordable price that won’t break the bank! Aaaaaaand did you know that a majority of the menu options are under 500 calories??? That’s really rare these days when you dine in or get take out from fast casual restaurants.

This is the inside of the Uptown, Charlotte location where the decor is modern, colorful, and cozy. Sticking with Crunch Bistro’s logo and color scheme, and having the large windows and patio area, all make the dining experience super enjoyable every time. At both locations they have a beautiful wooden focus wall that is rustic yet brings the outside in, just like the design on all the chairs mimicking tree branches.

Crunch Bistro boasts over 40 fresh ingredients ranging from veggies to bacon to fresh herbs prepared daily. All of these veggies are incorporated into their wraps, salads, flatbreads, and other items on their menu.

Baked Salmon Quinoa Bowl

BBQ Santa Fe Salad

BBQ Chicken Flatbread

Cornucopia Acai Bowl 

Chicken Salad Wrap

One of the reasons why I love Crunch Bistro so much is that there is something for everyone here. I love how fresh the ingredients are, how friendly the staff is, and how passionate Crunch Bistro is about executing great healthy meal options to satisfy all your nutritional goals. I mean even if you aren’t trying to watch your diet, these options are fantastic anyways! Oh and believe it or not……they have some of the best banana pudding I have tried in Charlotte. Who would’ve known that this local bistro would have such a thing. It’s made fresh daily every morning and absolutely delicious! Being from Alabama I know good “nanner puddin”! LOL!!!

Banana Pudding

Not only can you dine in, carry out, or order online, Crunch Bistro offers catering for any size group big or small! I had the pleasure of watching the Crunch Bistro team prep and cater for a large (500 person order) the other day, and OMG, they had it down to a T! Super organized and well planned! I was getting so hungry just watching them box up wraps on wraps on wraps! HAHAHA #hangry You can learn more about their catering options on their website www.crunchbistro.com

4 outta 500 wraps for a catering order!

Need ideas for a gift? Crunch Bistro offers gift cards as well at both locations. Trust me, your friend or family member will thank you later! 🙂

If you haven’t checked out Crunch Bistro, you definitely should go and get YO WRAP ON!!! Especially on Wednesdays as they offer $6 Wrap Wednesday specials! Whatever area you are in, you can expect the same fresh made to order menu items and great customer service! GO TRY IT Y’ALL!!!


Piper Glen

6414 Rea Road      Charlotte, NC 28277       704.362.0077      Hours 10am-8pm and Saturdays 10am-9pm


401 N. Tryon Street      Charlotte, NC 28202      980.498.5774    Hours 7am-5pm closed Saturday and Sunday



The Sweet Seoul


Favorite Mac N Cheese Dishes in Charlotte

As my 36th birthday is rapidly approaching, I realized ever since I was a little kiddo, my favorite food after (30+ years) is STILL and ALWAYS been macaroni and cheese….. in every way shape or form. I mean who doesn’t love mac n cheese?!? If you don’t we probably cannot be friends, haha! No but for real though, growing up, my momma would make it for me and it would be a side item or “vegetable” lol with almost every meal. I grew up in the 80’s where Kraft macaroni and cheese was the shit! There were even a variety of flavors like, white cheddar, bacon… and now they have jalapeno, buffalo, chipotle, herb and creamy, all kinds of new flavors. I love macaroni and cheese because it is the epitome of comfort food and it is beyond satisfying. You can literally add any toppings to it and it’s delicious!

These days a lot of restaurants are known for their super rich and cheesy and flavorful mac n cheese dishes. Well, I’m here to share with y’all my favorites that I have tried around Queen City! All different price points to all different variations, but they all have the best end result…. leaving with my tummy satisfied!!! Let’s get started shall we?!


First up, is the mac n cheese from LeRoy Fox Kitchen. This one makes the list because not only is it beyond delicious, but it comes served in a skillet. When dishes come fresh and piping hot outta the oven and you can see that steam coming from it, oh boy you know it’s gonna be a good one. Super creamy and cheesy and the best part is the cheesy crust on top! Price: $4 as a side


For those of y’all that have been following along my blog since day 1, The Asbury at The Dunhill Hotel is one of my top 3 restaurants in Charlotte. A huge factor is because of the mastermind Executive Chef and Culinary Director, Matthew Krenz.  Not only do I love all of their seasonal menus and brunch…. their Cast Iron Mac + Cheese is amazing. It has grilled piquillo peppers, crispy country ham, goat gournay cheese, and cheddar. I love the added touch of the piquillo peppers because it really gives this dish a kick. And it is served in a cast iron skillet and you can hear the sizzle every time it comes out to the table. Price: $8


Next up is probably one of the most underrated spots for mac n cheese in the city. It just so happens to be in my NodaHood and it is called Jack Beagles. They have the most simple, yet super delicious macaroni I have ever had. They have……wait for it….. 9 DIFFERENT FLAVORS!!! From classic mac to Mexi mac to one that has blue cheese and bacon, these cups of goodness are awesome. I’ve actually tried them all and all of them are fantastic! Here pictured is the Jack Mac, their signature mac that is kind of spicy, kind of garlicky, and really yummy!!! Price: less than $4


This mac from Kid Cashew was the bomb! I loved this one so much because of the use of different ingredients that they include in this dish. It’s called the Mac n 5 Cheeses and it is made with a homemade mornay sauce, creamy leaks and shallots served gratin style. Super creamy and super comforting and this is a must try under the Farmer Sides. Price: $6.95


Another favorite spot that’s in my NodaHood as well, is Haberdish. Lots to say about this dish, OMG! So I love the noodle choice and this one stands out from the crowd because, get this…. you can add spicy crispy chicken skins to this mac…. I REPEAT…. you can add spicy crispy chicken skins to your mac n cheese (add $2 upcharge) but TOTALLY worth it. Don’t get me wrong, the mac is perfection on its own, but the extra texture from the fried chicken skins give it that added crunch that is sooooooo damn delicious! Price: $6/$11


I have been dining at Roosters Wood-Fired Kitchen for sometime now and it never fails that I have to order their mac every time I’m there. It’s probably the cheesiest and you can get some great cheese pulls with this one (instagrammable dish) 😉 This is another great macaroni that has a crispy crust on top and is super cheesy in the middle! Price: $10


Last but certainly not least is the mother load of all macs. Well, because it has one of my favorite foods in it…. LOBSTER!!! This Lobster Mac n Cheese is infamous at The Capital Grille and I cannot tell y’all how many times in my life I have eaten this dish. Sometimes I will stop in just to sit and eat this glorious dish and literally savor every bite. It has huge succulent chunks of lobster and toasted buttery breadcrumbs on top. It may be the priciest of them all, but it’s totally worth every penny in my book. Price: $18


I hope y’all enjoyed reading my blog! Let me know if y’all have any other mac n cheese spots that I need to hit up!!! I’m always ready to venture out for mac n cheese!






Look Ma! I’m on the news!!!

Look Ma! I’m on the news!!! Well, I am still so humbled by the fact that I was on the news with 2 of my favorite people in Charlotte by my side. Lorri and Brandon, the founders of Prosocialites, gave me an incredible honor to be this month’s Woman Crush Wednesday for the month of February. If y’all don’t already know what Prosocialites is or what they are about and their mission, well you are missing out. Prosocialites is an organization where their mission is anchored in becoming a vessel of doing good for others. They are bringing different and unique events to Charlotte that no one has created before. I remember what Brandon had said in the interview on the news, ” There’s more than just the PARTY SCENE” And YES THERE IS!!! Their events are great for networking, mingling, and just having fun meeting others especially if you are new to the city like I am. I love their creativity and hustle that they exude every damn day! If it wasn’t for one of their first WCW events, I would have never met these two.

Woman Crush Wednesday event is a monthly event honoring a prominent woman in Charlotte doing great things. I am beyond floored that I got chosen as I am a foodie and fashion blogger. In my interview, I stated that my goal is that I want to bring the best food and fashion to Charlotte. And by golly, I am going to achieve that. Even if it takes me running more miles and doing more cardio everyday, LOL just to eat the food I want and to look cute in my outfits I style. This month the event is going to be held at Fidelli’s Kitchen in South End.

Okay, so being on Good Day Charlotte, was super nerve racking. OMG!!! Like here is how it went down. You wait in the break room, they come and get you, they mic you up, and you sit and do yo thang…. then you’re dunzo! I couldn’t believe how fast the segments go. I cannot tell y’all how nervous I was. When they put that mic on you, shit gets real. Like no joke. There are 3 huge ginormous cameras staring into your soul or at least that’s how I felt at that moment. Good thing Jason Harper made me feel comfortable and just rolled with it when he asked me questions. Jason Harper actually is a newbie to Charlotte as well. He is a character and really great at what he does. So, welcome to Queen City Jason!!! Lorri and Brandon spoke about WCW, what Prosocialites is about, and other upcoming events they have. In and out of the news station in less than 20 minutes. The longest part was when we were all snapping a shit ton of pictures atferwards. HAHAHA! Gotta have pictures and memories of these wonderful opportunites. Life is short, you never know if another opportunity like this will ever arise in the future.

 So, in conclusion, super fun morning with Prosocialites on Good Day Charlotte, Fox News,  and cannot wait until this Wednesday! I hope to see and meet a lot of y’all and finally put instagram names to faces! Please come out Wednesday, February 15th at Fidelli KItchen in South End from 6-9pm!!! Would love to meet y’all if I already haven’t. Also, find out how my social media and blog “sweet seoul in charlotte” was born and much much more!!!

Woman Crush Wednesday Event details:

February, 15th  6pm-9pm

Fidelli Kitchen

1616 Camden Rd. #100     Charlotte, NC 28203    704.594.8000

Staycation at it’s finest

Sometimes when you get so busy with “adulting” and life in general, you need a vacation… but if you can’t make it outta the state or country, a STAYCATION is super fun and wonderful, especially when it’s at a gorgeous boutique hotel in uptown Charlotte, called The Dunhill Hotel. This 10 story hotel screams historic and classy and just a sight for sore eyes. My hotel stay was beyond amazing. Not only is the hotel beautiful and is one of the few National Trust Historic Hotels in NC. It has been fully restored and is a landmark in the arts district and community. I got the pleasure of staying here around Christmas time and the decor in the lobby and all throughout was just spectacular. It was decorated with huge beautiful lit christmas trees, oversized standing Nutcrackers, and beautiful poinsettias placed throughout. From the exceptional service and hospitality that this hotel offers, it’s so comforting to know that whatever you need, they will give you the best guest experience ever.

This hotel is situated in the perfect location to shops, restaurants, and walking distance to the epicenter. So, this was perfect because I had my fiance’s Christmas company party a few blocks away. I stayed in the King Suite and the room was perfect. And the best things about the room were the amazing views and the huge ginormous comfy bed that I did not wanna get out of the next morning. LOL! The only thing that got me outta that bed was I knew I had reservations at the amazing and most delicious restaurant downstairs next door, The Asbury. Top 3 restaurants that I have had the pleasure of trying out. From the food, to the excellent customer service, all of the menu and atmosphere is so welcoming and comforting for the soul.

Overall, I would definitely stay here again in a heartbeat. Such a classy, romantic, and cozy boutique hotel that you will never wanna leave.

Address: 237 N Tryon Street   Charlotte, NC 28202