Spring Menu Tasting at The Asbury

On April 20th, 2017 I had the pleasure of attending the Spring Menu tasting at one of my Top 3 Charlotte restaurants as a preview to Charlotte Wine and Tapas week. To say I was hella excited is an understatement as I am truly honored to taste the culinary creations that Executive Chef Matthew Krenz comes up with. He is such a talented soul that uses his cooking skills to deliver traditional Southern recipes but with a modern twist. He utilizes his knowledge of a variety of ethnic influences and always uses seasonally fresh ingredients hand picked from local farms. He leads the culinary team at The Asbury and directs culinary operations for The Dunhill Hotel that is attached to the restaurant. If you have not dined at The Asbury, you are missing out on some of the most beautiful and delicious plates in the city.

First tapas tasting was and always is one of my favorites. The deviled eggs (chef’s whim) are always amazing and such a Southern staple.

Next up, the pork belly. OMG!!! Top 3 of the night. Pictured above is the Fermented Chili-Glazed Pork Belly. Atop of a cornbread puree, braised greens, turnips, and radish. I love pork belly anything and this dish is perfection. The greens were perfectly cooked down and the chili glaze was the perfect pairing for the pork. Love the combination of flavors in this dish from the salty to the sweet, with a little bit of bitterness from the greens…. insanely delicious! This dish is a must try!!!

Pea + Ricotta Tortellini…….ANOTHER one of my faves for the night. This dish is an absolute stunner both beautifully and on your palate. Tortellini with asparagus, crispy ham, piquillo in a white wine butter sauce. My favorite aspect of dining in a restaurant is that dishes have to be visually appealing as well as taste great. I love the colors that Chef Matthew Krenz continues to display in these amazing culinary creations.

Peas + Uni: Uni buttered peas, pea emulsion, cilantro, mint, and toasted coconut. Y’all lemme tell you about this dish. I am not a English pea fan… never have UNTIL last night trying this dish out.

Sticky Biscuits: Country ham, goat cheese icing.

Asparagus: Smoke trout caviar, roasted garlic bearnaise, preserved lemon, beet

Shrimp and Grits: Coconut + green curry rice grits, roasted mushrooms, tomato broth


Had an amazing night with a fellow foodie, executive chef, and PR master! Thank you to The Asbury, Chef Matthew, and Susan for having me. Pleasure meeting Bite Our Style CLT, Heidi Billotto, and Jill Aker-Ray last night.


  1. Thursday, April 27th “Spring Celebration” with Chef Shane Ingram
  2. Tuesday, May 23rd “Biscuits and Beer” with Chef Greg Collier + Sycamore Brewing + The Yolk
  3. Wednesday, June 21st “Dinner with Friends” Local palate editor Peggy Loftus
  4. Monday, July 17th “Gin+Watermelon” with Chef Sam Stachon from Highland Ave restaurant, Hickory, NC
  5. Wednesday, August 2nd “Smoke+Spirits+BBQ” with Dan Doyle, exec Chef and managing partner of Poogan’s Porch and Poogan’s Smokehouse Charleston, SC
  6. Thursday, August 31st “Beef and Bourbon” with Executive Chef John May from Piedmont in Durham, NC
  7. Monday, September 18th @6:30 “Southern Beer and Food” with Sean Lily Wilson, owner and chef executive optimist at Fullstream Brewery and Chef Kyle McKnight Fullstream Director of food operations
  8. Tuesday, November 28th @6:30 “Thankful” with Michael Twitty from Rockville, MD

For more details on these events, check out The Asbury Facebook page for more info.


The Asbury

235 N Tryon Street   Charlotte, NC   704.342.1193