Shopping on Amazon: My Favorite Things!!!

First blog post of the year!!! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday celebrating the new year. I will definitely be that person that still writes 2017 with scratch marks through the date probably until summer, lol! In this blog post I wanted to share with you that I have an influencer page on AMAZON!!! Whoooooo! A few weeks ago, I was contacted to join the Amazon Affiliates Influencer Program and I was over the moon excited because I am a huge fan of Amazon, especially because of Amazon Prime, I get items in 2 days! For those that love watching my instastories and items that I tag on social media, well you can now shop from my own page! So exciting because I get a lot of messages asking what skin care I use, where I shop for some of my shoes I wear, make up I buy, or items you see in my loft in the background of some pictures I snap. And I think this is a fantastical tool to help y’all find some of these things I love!!! So, I will add items weekly that I always get off Amazon or previous purchases I have bought off the website! Now, y’all can just add fun stuff to your cart that you see me post about! Easy peasy right?!? Here are a few of some of my favorite items I always purchase on and I use on the daily. You can see more and shop on my Amazon Influencer page


I hope y’all check it out and hope this helps some of you find some of the items y’all ask about. Again, I will be adding items weekly so check back every week to see what items I’ve added! Happy New Year to all of you!