RAMEN… My favorite type of men!!!


Ramen is a dish that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And getting the chance to go out and try some amazing authentic Japanese dishes from a new restaurant in Matthews, NC, was a treat! Yume Bistro right outside the city is situated in Matthews and boasts the best ramen in Charlotte. It is a small cozy lil spot that isn’t at all fancy schmancy, but it is super clean, has authentic delicious food, great customer service, and is very inviting. Moving from NYC and having had the best of the best, it’s been quite a challenge to find authentic Japanese food anywhere in the city. Don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of ramen spots that I really like, but Yume Bistro has such unique flavors and a variety of homemade broths that are made everyday from scratch.

Tony (chef/owner) and his wife Rosena (owner) are the sweetest couple I got the pleasure of meeting. I got to learn about his techniques and background and what goes into all of the yummy delicious dishes he prepares. The couple are originally from Hong Kong and they moved to San Francisco and resided there many years. They wanted to start a new life and move out of California and open a restaurant. They contemplated different cities, but in the end, chose Charlotte. Well boy oh boy, am I super excited they chose Queen City, because this restaurant is definitely what Charlotte needs. Pictured above is the pork belly steamed bun. Pork belly anything in my opinion is fantastic as long as it is prepared correctly and this porkalicious bun melts in your mouth. It’s full of flavor and absolutely perfection. I could have eaten 10 of these suckers, but had to save room for like 10 more dishes hahaha!!! #truestory One thing that I absolutely loved and respected is that Tony comes out and talks about the process of what goes into what you are eating and how he prepares it. And, it’s not all about the pork..he can make vegetarian dishes for you as well. Also, there are gluten free menu items!!!

Next course was the Pork Katsu Curry Donburi bowl. This was one of my favorite dishes of the night. There is a place called GoGoCurry in NYC that housed the best Japanese curry in the city and we literally were obsessed with that place. One of the many reasons I miss New York was for the curry. Well, now I can happily say that I have found the best curry I have eaten in the city. Pork Katsu is a pork cutlet (have chicken katsu as well) that is breaded and fried topped with curry sauce, normally served with rice. The flavors that Tony creates and makes this curry from scratch is absolutely amazing. Its the best curry I have had. The pork was cooked perfectly and so flavorful! At this point at dinner I knew this place had my heart.

Can’t forget about dessert. So how bout some Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake you say??? Ummmmm yes please!!! I LOVE anything matcha green tea, and when it is in dessert my sweet tooth kicks in and is like bring….it…on!!! This cheesecake is amazing. Nothing bad I can say about this dessert. It’s freakin delicious and so creamy. Perfect dish to finish off the night.

There are sooooooo many more dishes that I got the honor to try, but I am posting some of my faves! Go see Tony and Rosena and tell them I sent ya! This spot was so good we went back twice in one week…. #guilty And it was just as amazing as the first time. I truly appreciate great food and great company, and this experience was by far the best experience I have had. The owners make you feel so welcome and they are so inviting.

YUME BISTRO  1369 Chestnut Lane    Matthews, NC 28104

Ph: 704.821.0676