Favorite Mac N Cheese Dishes in Charlotte

As my 36th birthday is rapidly approaching, I realized ever since I was a little kiddo, my favorite food after (30+ years) is STILL and ALWAYS been macaroni and cheese….. in every way shape or form. I mean who doesn’t love mac n cheese?!? If you don’t we probably cannot be friends, haha! No but for real though, growing up, my momma would make it for me and it would be a side item or “vegetable” lol with almost every meal. I grew up in the 80’s where Kraft macaroni and cheese was the shit! There were even a variety of flavors like, white cheddar, bacon… and now they have jalapeno, buffalo, chipotle, herb and creamy, all kinds of new flavors. I love macaroni and cheese because it is the epitome of comfort food and it is beyond satisfying. You can literally add any toppings to it and it’s delicious!

These days a lot of restaurants are known for their super rich and cheesy and flavorful mac n cheese dishes. Well, I’m here to share with y’all my favorites that I have tried around Queen City! All different price points to all different variations, but they all have the best end result…. leaving with my tummy satisfied!!! Let’s get started shall we?!


First up, is the mac n cheese from LeRoy Fox Kitchen. This one makes the list because not only is it beyond delicious, but it comes served in a skillet. When dishes come fresh and piping hot outta the oven and you can see that steam coming from it, oh boy you know it’s gonna be a good one. Super creamy and cheesy and the best part is the cheesy crust on top! Price: $4 as a side


For those of y’all that have been following along my blog since day 1, The Asbury at The Dunhill Hotel is one of my top 3 restaurants in Charlotte. A huge factor is because of the mastermind Executive Chef and Culinary Director, Matthew Krenz.  Not only do I love all of their seasonal menus and brunch…. their Cast Iron Mac + Cheese is amazing. It has grilled piquillo peppers, crispy country ham, goat gournay cheese, and cheddar. I love the added touch of the piquillo peppers because it really gives this dish a kick. And it is served in a cast iron skillet and you can hear the sizzle every time it comes out to the table. Price: $8


Next up is probably one of the most underrated spots for mac n cheese in the city. It just so happens to be in my NodaHood and it is called Jack Beagles. They have the most simple, yet super delicious macaroni I have ever had. They have……wait for it….. 9 DIFFERENT FLAVORS!!! From classic mac to Mexi mac to one that has blue cheese and bacon, these cups of goodness are awesome. I’ve actually tried them all and all of them are fantastic! Here pictured is the Jack Mac, their signature mac that is kind of spicy, kind of garlicky, and really yummy!!! Price: less than $4


This mac from Kid Cashew was the bomb! I loved this one so much because of the use of different ingredients that they include in this dish. It’s called the Mac n 5 Cheeses and it is made with a homemade mornay sauce, creamy leaks and shallots served gratin style. Super creamy and super comforting and this is a must try under the Farmer Sides. Price: $6.95


Another favorite spot that’s in my NodaHood as well, is Haberdish. Lots to say about this dish, OMG! So I love the noodle choice and this one stands out from the crowd because, get this…. you can add spicy crispy chicken skins to this mac…. I REPEAT…. you can add spicy crispy chicken skins to your mac n cheese (add $2 upcharge) but TOTALLY worth it. Don’t get me wrong, the mac is perfection on its own, but the extra texture from the fried chicken skins give it that added crunch that is sooooooo damn delicious! Price: $6/$11


I have been dining at Roosters Wood-Fired Kitchen for sometime now and it never fails that I have to order their mac every time I’m there. It’s probably the cheesiest and you can get some great cheese pulls with this one (instagrammable dish) 😉 This is another great macaroni that has a crispy crust on top and is super cheesy in the middle! Price: $10


Last but certainly not least is the mother load of all macs. Well, because it has one of my favorite foods in it…. LOBSTER!!! This Lobster Mac n Cheese is infamous at The Capital Grille and I cannot tell y’all how many times in my life I have eaten this dish. Sometimes I will stop in just to sit and eat this glorious dish and literally savor every bite. It has huge succulent chunks of lobster and toasted buttery breadcrumbs on top. It may be the priciest of them all, but it’s totally worth every penny in my book. Price: $18


I hope y’all enjoyed reading my blog! Let me know if y’all have any other mac n cheese spots that I need to hit up!!! I’m always ready to venture out for mac n cheese!






Lets Eat Media Event with Kid Cashew

Nothing I love more than eating great food, surrounded by great people, and dining in a beautiful intimate, but casual setting. And this is what was going down at Kid Cashew for the Lets Eat Media Event with my fellow foodies and bloggers. I’ve got to be honest and say that I was super excited to try the menu items as my first experience there was not the greatest, so I was wanting and hoping that this time it was going to be a fantastic experience. HALLELUJAH it was just that!!! For those of y’all that have never dined at Kid Cashew, I would seriously get your booty there and go asap! No, this is not a sponsored post, I just felt the need to write my review on this spot because it was truly a great meal….or should I say meal(s)! Kid Cashew is known for their great food, craft cocktails, and using “no freezers. no fryer. no heat lamp”. Everything cooked on a wood fire grill. So, here we go and follow along as these are the dishes I got the pleasure of trying:

Homemade Spreads

                                               Maryland Crab Cakes

    Shrimp with polenta

The starters are all a must try. I cannot choose a favorite as I loved all of the options! The crab cakes were super flavorful and not heavy on the breading. You could really taste the lump blue crab in every bite and the remoulade was the perfect pairing with these crab cakes. When it comes to the shrimp…. well, if y’all know me well enough, skrimps are my jam!!! And this dish was amazing and I loved the polenta! Super creamy and delicious!

Farmer Side Items….. Okay okay, so you all know that my favorite food in the entire world is Macaroni and Cheese. Well, out of all the macaroni I have eaten in the Queen City, Kid Cashew has one of the best mac n cheese dishes I have tried. Maybe because it involves 5 different cheeses, ummmm yes please!!! Also, the Brussel sprouts and cauliflower mash were yummylicious too! For all the vegetarians out there reading this…. just order all the sides, you will thank me later 😉


When it came to the entrée round, Ohhhhh Emmmm Geeeee! For those that follow my insta feed I don’t post a lot of steaks or red meat dishes, but my favorite entrée of the night was the Wood Fire Grilled Sirloin.

                                                Wood Fire Grill Sirloin

                                                  Rotisserie Chicken

ALWAYS save room for DESSERT!!! And my favorite dessert from Kid Cashew is definitely the Pistachio Gelato!!! It is a game changer in the sweets world. When it comes to the table it comes served in an ice cream sundae glass and it is literally overflowing with chocolate syrup and pistachios. Perfect ending to any meal!


In a nutshell (haha you see what I did there) #pistachionut I had a wonderful experience and I have to thank Azam, one of the owners of Kid Cashew and Allie of Eatdrinkclt for hosting such a wonderful night!


KID CASHEW     1608 East Boulevard     704.208.4148

Comfort Food Faves in the Queen City

Growing up in Sweet Home Alabama, I always had a fantastic meal prepared by my best friend…… my momma. Per usual there were always yummy vegetables and some type of protein and bread or cornbread served with it (and of course sweet tea duhhhhhh).  So needless to say that comfort food hits home with me whenever I eat out and try southern restaurants. Always my go to when I see like a “meat and three” on the menu, lol! Also, side note, my all time FAVORITE food ever is Mac n Cheese. I can eat that shit for breakfast…. I really can, ha! Does that count as a veggie??? Ummm in my book YES.IT.DOES!!!

In this post I wanted to share my TOP 3 favorite comfort food spots in the Queen City with y’all. I have dined at these establishments A LOT…. there’s just something about comfort food that soothes the soul and truly keeps me warm inside!



Dish in Plaza Midwood never disappoints. This place screams old school southern comfort food with modern dishes too. This grit bowl is on their breakfast menu and it is under $8. You get a hearty bowl of cheese grits, topped with cheddar, two eggs, bacon or soysage, and a biscuit. Advice… get a side of white gravy…. you will thank me later!


This veggie plate is one of the best comfort food dishes ever! It’s super nostalgic to my childhood days because of the vegetables and their signature deviled egg that you get with any dish. I choose the squash casserole, sweet carrots, green beans, and mac n cheese. It’s so simple but yet never lacking in flavor that’s for damn sure. Some of my other favorite comfort food dishes from Dish are:

  • Cajun Meatloaf
  • Country Fried Steak
  • Chicken n Dumplings
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Shrimp n Grits


When I first moved to Charlotte, this spot was on the top of my list to try. 3 words… TUPELO HONEY CAFE This restaurant has multiple locations in the Carolinas, Virginia, Colorado, Tennessee, Texas, and Georgia. I had heard their brunch was bomb so I went and tried it and yes… their breakfast is awesome. Not only is their breakfast and brunch on point, but they have some of the best comfort food dishes in Charlotte!


From the service to the food, this restaurant is a great spot for catching up with friends over yummy comfort food and signature drinks from the bar. And what’s great about dining in you get these amazing fluffy biscuits to start with and some homemade blueberry jam that is insane! One of my favorite dishes for dinner is this Blackberry Habanero Rib dish with French fries and mac n cheese. These ribs were fall of the bone delishhhh and sweet and spicy from the sauce. I mean where can you get ribs AND southern comfort food in one spot?!?

Brunch and Mimosas?!?! Ummm yes please and Tupelo Honey’s brunch has all of that covered and more. Some of my favorite breakfast/brunch options are the infamous Shoomercy Sweet Potato Pancakes, Tupelo Shrimp and Grits, and of course the best…. The Queen Bloody Mary, all 20 ounces of it! Definitely a must stop for comfort food.

SouthEnd has some great old school spots that have been here forever. Like this gem, PIKE’S SODA SHOP on Camden Road. I discovered this spot one summer day when I drove by and saw soda shop… immediately wanting and craving a milkshake! Well, I got my milkshake and much much more. Ever since that day, I have been back a lot and I have ordered the same damn thing everytime.


This is the epitome of comfort food right here, lemme tell you. The perfectly fried chicken breast that is juicy and packed with flavor. It is topped with pecans and drizzled with honey. Comes with 2 sides, buttermilk mashed potatoes and broccoli casserole. Hands down, my go to meal here. It is so comforting and you will leave happy and full! I love that y’all messaged me on Instagram and told me that this dish is y’alls fave too! It definitely is one of the most popular dishes on their menu. Check out their buffalo chicken sandwich and also their milkshakes.


I hope everyone has a wonderful snow day and keeping warm!!!



Sweet Seoul

Shopping on Amazon: My Favorite Things!!!

First blog post of the year!!! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday celebrating the new year. I will definitely be that person that still writes 2017 with scratch marks through the date probably until summer, lol! In this blog post I wanted to share with you that I have an influencer page on AMAZON!!! Whoooooo! A few weeks ago, I was contacted to join the Amazon Affiliates Influencer Program and I was over the moon excited because I am a huge fan of Amazon, especially because of Amazon Prime, I get items in 2 days! For those that love watching my instastories and items that I tag on social media, well you can now shop from my own page! So exciting because I get a lot of messages asking what skin care I use, where I shop for some of my shoes I wear, make up I buy, or items you see in my loft in the background of some pictures I snap. And I think this is a fantastical tool to help y’all find some of these things I love!!! So, I will add items weekly that I always get off Amazon or previous purchases I have bought off the website! Now, y’all can just add fun stuff to your cart that you see me post about! Easy peasy right?!? Here are a few of some of my favorite items I always purchase on amazon.com and I use on the daily. You can see more and shop on my Amazon Influencer page


I hope y’all check it out and hope this helps some of you find some of the items y’all ask about. Again, I will be adding items weekly so check back every week to see what items I’ve added! Happy New Year to all of you!



It’s ALL about the BOOTS!!!

BOOT SEASON IS HERE AND I ALREADY HAVE MY TOP 3 PICKS OF THE SEASON!!! Don’t get me wrong… Y’all already know I love a sexy stiletto, but when it comes to boots and booties, well I’d rather be in some cute ass booties or thigh high boots in these cooler months ahead. I love styling boots of all kinds with casual ensembles or with fun flirty dresses. Boots can be so versatile and you can definitely dress them up or down.

My first top pick would be these beauties I found at Bloomingdales and they’re by Marc Fisher. The heel type is perfect and the color is so bold. I’m literally obsessed with these. The moment they came to mi casa, it was instant love at first sight! These booties come in red and black suede and are some of the comfiest shoes I have worn especially having a 3+ inch heel.

Marc Fisher “Mayae” red suede booties

Photo credit: Bloomingdales.com


My second favorite are these awesome studded booties from Vestique, one of my favorite Charlotte boutiques because they are known for cute trendy items that don’t break the bank! Like not even kidding, some of the best pieces I’ve bought since I moved from NYC are hanging in my closet from this boutique and I’ve worn them multiple times and still look and feel like new. This was the first pair of shoes I have bought from the Vestique Blakeney location and can I just say, for under $50 bucks, well worth every damn penny! Black suede material and these badass silver studs adorn these super comfy trendy booties.

“Step to it Bootie” in black suede $46


Last but definitely not least would be these sultry black thigh high boots from Ego Official, a UK brand I discovered awhile back and literally have fell in love with a lot of their footwear brand. These babies are super sexy and my favorite part is the white cap on the toe. I think every woman needs a statement thigh high boot in their wardrobe and these are a must have for sure. I love the super stretchy fabric and how they literally hug your legs without feeling restricted or uncomfortable. I can wear these over skinny jeans or under a sweater dress and styled with a leather jacket thrown over my shoulders.

“Elsie” Two Tone Over The Knee Long boot in Black Knit boot