New Piggy in the City

City Barbeque is a bbq joint that has been on the map since 1999. And in Matthews, NC there is a NEW PIGGY IN THE CITY and I got the pleasure of taking a tour, meeting the staff/owner, and testing out all the yummylicious food that this restaurant offers. Even though they have 29 locations, Frank the owner did not want to be known as a “chain restaurant”. The first location that opened in North Carolina was opened in Cary. They have a spot in Ballantyne and now new to the scene, the Matthews location. I truly love the decor and the modern touches this bbq spot has. It still has all the cute southern signage on the walls and feels homey and welcoming. My favorite sign inside was the “Hey Y’all” sign because those words I utter outta my mouth at least 10 times a day, lol! But most importantly, they give back to the community and help others in need. What happens to all of the leftover food that they cannot serve the next day? This is a question that they get asked a lot, and so what this company does, is everything they cannot serve, they freeze the night before and keep it in their freezers. Organizations come by and pick up the food and disperse it to non profits in need. And not only does the Matthews location do this, every location in the company gets involved. Not only does this restaurant have fantastic pork-a-licious bbq, they give back to the community, feed the hungry, and have an awesome mission.

As it was Media Day for all of my fellow bloggers and foodies in Queen City, we were welcomed with open arms and got to meet and talk to the marketing team and get to know the history behind City Barbeque and what makes this place stand out compared to other bbq spots. Frank, the owner, gave us some great history and how their bbq joint runs. He said, “No bread” because it fills you up and makes you full, haha! So true!!! Everything is fresh and smoked in house for 12-20 hours depending on the meats. Even the whipped cream is fresh and made daily for the desserts that they have on their menu.

The menu consists of bbq options such as brisket, pulled pork, smoke turkey, ribs, and chicken. Also, they have delicious side items. One cool fact that I learned was that the baked bean recipe took over 12 years to develop and perfect. And now I see why! Those were some of the best damn baked beans I’ve ever had. Everything from smoked turkey, chicken salads, the LoLo’s pulled pork sandwich, rack of ribs… can tell that food is cooked with passion and cooked with love. These guys definitely know great BBQ. All their meats are cooked “low and slow” in these awesome smokers that they have in house. And not to mention they use Carolina wood.




If I had to choose a favorite of everything I got to try on the menu, my favorite would definitely be the beef brisket. It is sooooo juicy and full of flavor. One of the best briskets I’ve had in Charlotte. It’s not fatty, it’s super crispy on the outside from the bark and the smoke which I love. To be honest, that’s the best part in my opinion. The smoked turkey was fantastic and had the perfect amount of smoke to it. My favorite side would be the corn pudding. Y’all, if you have never experienced corn pudding, think of a corn souffle…it’s salty and sweet and like a casserole almost. I grew up on corn pudding and it’s such a southern comfort dish. I cannot tell you how much I love this stuff. I even got one to go, hahahaha! And last but not least for the dessert portion of my meal. Best banana pudding ever!!! It reminds me of what I grew up on down south in Alabama and what my grandma used to make. The kicker on their version is the crumble on top with the fresh whipped cream. It is soooo delicious and I could’ve eaten a whole pan of that to myself.

Before I left, I took this picture of the staff and owner because the experience definitely exceeded my expectations. This staff is super friendly and so inviting and personable. I cannot wait to come back and bring my family here as they are huge lovers of bbq and southern fixins! I truly know that this location will be a successful spot that families and friends can enjoy just as much as I did. Thank you again City Barbeque for having me! See y’all soon!!!


City Barbeque     1514 Galleria Boulevard     Matthews, NC 28270