Lets Eat Media Event with Kid Cashew

Nothing I love more than eating great food, surrounded by great people, and dining in a beautiful intimate, but casual setting. And this is what was going down at Kid Cashew for the Lets Eat Media Event with my fellow foodies and bloggers. I’ve got to be honest and say that I was super excited to try the menu items as my first experience there was not the greatest, so I was wanting and hoping that this time it was going to be a fantastic experience. HALLELUJAH it was just that!!! For those of y’all that have never dined at Kid Cashew, I would seriously get your booty there and go asap! No, this is not a sponsored post, I just felt the need to write my review on this spot because it was truly a great meal….or should I say meal(s)! Kid Cashew is known for their great food, craft cocktails, and using “no freezers. no fryer. no heat lamp”. Everything cooked on a wood fire grill. So, here we go and follow along as these are the dishes I got the pleasure of trying:

Homemade Spreads

                                               Maryland Crab Cakes

    Shrimp with polenta

The starters are all a must try. I cannot choose a favorite as I loved all of the options! The crab cakes were super flavorful and not heavy on the breading. You could really taste the lump blue crab in every bite and the remoulade was the perfect pairing with these crab cakes. When it comes to the shrimp…. well, if y’all know me well enough, skrimps are my jam!!! And this dish was amazing and I loved the polenta! Super creamy and delicious!

Farmer Side Items….. Okay okay, so you all know that my favorite food in the entire world is Macaroni and Cheese. Well, out of all the macaroni I have eaten in the Queen City, Kid Cashew has one of the best mac n cheese dishes I have tried. Maybe because it involves 5 different cheeses, ummmm yes please!!! Also, the Brussel sprouts and cauliflower mash were yummylicious too! For all the vegetarians out there reading this…. just order all the sides, you will thank me later 😉


When it came to the entrée round, Ohhhhh Emmmm Geeeee! For those that follow my insta feed I don’t post a lot of steaks or red meat dishes, but my favorite entrée of the night was the Wood Fire Grilled Sirloin.

                                                Wood Fire Grill Sirloin

                                                  Rotisserie Chicken

ALWAYS save room for DESSERT!!! And my favorite dessert from Kid Cashew is definitely the Pistachio Gelato!!! It is a game changer in the sweets world. When it comes to the table it comes served in an ice cream sundae glass and it is literally overflowing with chocolate syrup and pistachios. Perfect ending to any meal!


In a nutshell (haha you see what I did there) #pistachionut I had a wonderful experience and I have to thank Azam, one of the owners of Kid Cashew and Allie of Eatdrinkclt for hosting such a wonderful night!


KID CASHEW     1608 East Boulevard     704.208.4148