Frutta Frutta…. Read All About It!!!

“Stay Fresh, Think Healthy, Eat Frutta” is the motto from Frutta Bowls, a business started just 2 years ago in Freehold, NJ. Frutta Bowls founder, Brooke Gagliano had focused on healthy living, sports, and wellness during her college years and after a trip to the West Coast, her dream was formed. Her family even left their corporate jobs to pursue her dream full time and now the concept is Nationwide! I am sooooo happy I came across a Charlotte location that is conveniently close to me AND my second home, Target, lol! So, after meandering through Target and making unnecessary purchases, I always stop by Frutta Bowls across the street to get my acai on.


“The Frutta Bowls dream started as a local idea with two locations. It has since grown into a nationwide concept, continuing to positively affect many lives along the way. Frutta Bowls sets itself apart by our commitment to providing healthy, delicious food, but also by our involvement in the communities surrounding each location.”


The franchise owners, Nick and Linda Lancetti, are so passionate and so energetic, they truly strive to highlight what Frutta is all about. Not only pushing the delicious and healthy products they serve, but also educating and getting involved with the local community, such as local food bloggers and influencers in Charlotte. Frutta Bowls is much much more than just yummy acai. They have smoothies, toasts, pitaya bowls, kale bowls, oatmeal bowls, seasonal bowls, protein bites, kombucha, you name it! Also, if anyone is gluten free or dairy free, they have plenty of options you can choose from to meet your dietary needs.


The great thing about Frutta Bowls is basically any bowl you choose can be customizable to your liking. They all start with picking your base, what fruit you like, and then the best part.. adding almond butter, peanut butter, or nutella! YUMMMMM!!! You can’t go wrong with any of the bowls to be completely honest. I have tried the entire menu and the pitaya bowls are my favorite.

The Caveman Bowl


S’mores Bowl


Oatmeal Bowl


Berries n Cream Toast


Overall, if you haven’t experienced Frutta Bowls, add it to your list! It’s healthy, it’s delicious, and it’s a must try when you are in Midtown by Metropolitan.