Favorite Burger Joints in Queen City!



Two words… BANG BANG!!! Bang Bang Burgers in Elizabeth is one of my favorite burger spots in the city! From their creative burger concoctions to the most flavorful burgers I have had. This burger is called “The Hangover” and it is one of their best sellers. Ingredients include: Cheddar cheese, potato bacon hash, grilled onions, fried egg, and topped with their signature bang bang sauce. And yes you heard right… potato bacon hash!!! OMG, its beyond delicious!!! I mean come on bacon anything will make your mouth water, lol! #TRUTH Even their side dishes are amazing. I usually opt for the sweet potato fries and it’s always a good choice! I know there are tons of burger joints in the city, but this is definitely in my top 3. Also, y’all check out Brooks Sandwich House too for some good ole fashioned burgers!

Bang Bang Burgers:     2001 E. 6th Street   Charlotte, NC 28204