Ellison James Jewelry


“Selene” blue crescent choker from Ellison James

Photographer: Megan Dunbar

Murica!!! When you’re planning details and outfits to celebrate the 4th of July, of course you go for the red, white, and blue. Last week I had a super fun filled photoshoot collabing with Preston, the designer and owner of Ellison James. What is Ellison James one would might ask…. The name itself comes from family and she always wanted to incorporate it somehow as a tribute. Ellison for her sweet mother and James from her adorable dad, and also to the grandparents that she never had the pleasure of meeting.

Preston, owner and designer of Ellison James

Ellison James is an awesome jewelry line that focuses on using suede and leather and fringe everythangggg! So about the designer, Preston was born and raised here in Charlotte where her journey began with her love of football and the Carolina Panthers. Not finding any cool game-day accessories, she started to create designs herself, as she is a huge believer in DIY methods. When compliments started rolling in and people wanted her designs, her vision came to life. Her style for the jewelry line is definitely a boho chic casual look that can be versatile and utilized in any wardrobe. She believes that “Any woman has the power to create her own future and design a life she loves through creativity.”

Ellison James represents “A certain boldness of the spirit and the vivacious nature of the daring young bohemians.” She wanted to focus on designing jewelry that would be conversation pieces, be trendy, and also represent “absolute fashion freedom.” She truly wants the person wearing her designs to feel as much joy as she had while creating it.


Our collaboration took place in Freedom Park where the humidity and rain were definitely a factor that day, ughhhh but on the bright side I got to work with Preston, owner of Ellison James, Megan the photographer, and the sunglasses are from the ladies at The ShoeBox (Quay Australia sunnies).

Candid moments with the girls: Megan Dunbar photographer and Preston, owner of Ellison James