Chicken Tinga Bowl

Living in NYC, salad chains were all over the city…basically one on every street corner and I found that one of my favorites was CHOPT. My fiance’ and I were beyond excited when we came across a Chopt in Charlotte! They are mostly in NYC and couldn’t believe that they put 2 locations here. Its like a salad assembly line. You pick your choice of a salad creation OR you create your own. The options are great and so unique. Pictured above is the “Chicken Tinga Bowl”. A crowd favorite and a must try. It is a mix of kale, spinach, scallions, cojita cheese, avocado, black beans, purple cabbage, tortilla strips, chicken, quinoa, and their mexican goddess dressing. Pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. I normally get the Mexican Caesar salad, but I wanted to try something different and this is now my go to dish every time! Chopt also has amazing organic teas and some of my favorites include the sweet tea with natural honey and the rasberry lemonade.

Side note: Lunch time gets super crowded…like the line is to the door no joke, but moves pretty fast, so I would know what you wanna order ahead of time. They give you menus to look at while waiting.

Locations:  Park Rd. Shopping Center—-4125 Park Road Charlotte, NC 28209

Blakeney—- 9844 Rea Road Charlotte, NC 28277