Bloggers and Golf Carts


BEEP BEEP!!! Lookout we got blogger babes on golf carts coming through!!! Happy Monday y’all and I wanted to share my super fun experience with you from yesterday with Queen City Rides

Queen City Rides is a locally owned and operated company that has over 25+ years of hospitality experience. So, with that being said, they really take pride in sharing what Charlotte has to offer and making sure that customer service is top notch!!! Kevin, the owner of Queen City Rides, felt that creating golf cart tours was a smart and eco-friendly way of letting the patrons experience Charlotte in a different light. They offer a variety of tours for everyone’s needs such as city, party, and brewery tours! You can even customize a tour just contact them with your ideas!

This eco-friendly way of getting to sight see, brewery hop, and tour the city on golf carts is genius. These 7 person golf carts are the coolest way to experience Charlotte and what it has to offer. I had the pleasure of going on a brewery tour with some of my blogger/influencer babes and what a blast we had.

First stop on Brewery Tour: Resident Culture Brewery

Newtown Pippin Cider

Group pic of us ladies and the owners at Resident Culture Brewery

As we headed to our next brewery, we got to jam out to some awesome music and catch up on life with each other. Second stop on our list was Sycamore Brewery in South End.

There we listened to live music, had a drink, hung out, and also got to eat some yummy food from Tin Kitchen Food Truck. I mean a girls gotta eat right?!?! Hahaha!!!

My brunch beer cocktail (The Bloody Mary Beer)

Cheers’n with my babes!!!

Last but not least was our final stop at Lenny Boy Brewery to end our brewery tour. I really loved how we got to spend time at 3 different breweries in 3 hours! It was a perfect event squeezed into 3 hours but also enough time to experience each local business and taste their craft beer offerings without feeling rushed.

I would highly recommend doing a brewery tour via Queen City Rides!!! Not only do they do tours, but you can find them at NASCAR events, Panthers games, Knights games, or honestly just cruisin around the Queen City!!! Super cool concept and absolutely enjoyed myself yesterday with great company!!! Check out their website and give them a follow on Instagram!


Queen City Rides

201 East 5th Street     Charlotte, NC 28202